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New Release, New Author Bonnie Bliss (Paranormal Erotica)

The Son of God, Satan, The Dark Lord, the King of Hell, or in his mortal form… Louis Cypher, is the one that takes what he wants and leaves dust and chaos in his path. For Millions of years he has carried an obsession, a woman, Tai la Mar, or as she is better known, The Angel of Death. He will have her any way that he can, even if it is one of his ultimate deceptions in order to attain this innocent Angel.

Tai le Mar was created by the Supreme himself to taunt his most rebellious son. She is the most beautiful and tempting delight to any being that crosses her path, she roams the Earth to save damned and murdered Souls. Her job has put her in a direct path with Louis Cypher many of times in her thousands of years of existence. She has been warned about him and she has seen powerful Angels fall at his dark seduction and wicked handsomeness. He has longed for her too long and now she is now in his sights. She knows he wants her, and she is unyielding to his passions. Refusing to be another Angelic victim she will fight the Dark King until a tempting deal is struck. She will face a sexual release in return for her freedom.

But nothing is as it seems with the deceptive Louis Cypher, Lord of all Darkness. Come and enjoy a dark and twisted Paranormal Erotic tale that is so hot, it is sure to heat up even the fires of Hell.


Chapter One

The two men walked through the woods, Kelvin staggered as Hendricks pushed him, using his 45 to nudge him in the back.

“I don’t deserve this Hendricks. I was just following orders, I always follow orders.”

“You talk too much Kelvin, shut yer mouth. I’m following orders too, he wants you gone, that’s why we are here, in this shit hole, just keep walking.”

“I’ll disappear. I’ll just walk away, you can tell him you snuffed me, left me for the fucking gators, please, I can pay you.”

“Shut the fuck up.” Hendricks needed a few hundred yards more. The swamp was close by; he needed the gators to finish the job, to decimate the remains. But right now he was seriously thinking about shooting the jabbering piss head right here.

“No, I won’t, please, let me.....” Hendricks hit him on the back of the head with his gun, knocking him to the floor. He fell, his knees crumbling as his face hit the dirt. The gun moved closer, the barrel pressed into the growing bulge in the skull.

He stood a few feet away, a smirk on his face, and a half smoked cigarette in his hand. “Just shoot the fucker already, his times up. I have five minutes left you ass hole before he gets a reprieve, hurry up.” Louis Cypher, aka Satan, the son of God watched over them as the scent of blood and death filled his nostrils, the sweet scent of a new recruit in his Hell, it aroused him.

She was light; she felt the air run through her, flow in and out of her body as she walked around the scene. He would be hers, he would be her choice. She could smell the deep scent of sulphur that thrived in the pits of Hell and it nearly strangled her perfect throat. She was Tai la Mar, the Angel of Death. She had one purpose; she was created for one thing, to lead the Souls to their rightful place. There were times, and she wouldn't deny it, there were a few when Mr. Cypher got to them first. She wasn't a fighter; she was built too soft for fighting.

However, on this night, she wanted her Soul. Her quota had been ruined the night of a particularly bad gun fight and Cypher had gotten to them all before she could. She tried to remain under the radar, to be unseen. The infamous Angel of Death was rumoured to be one of the Archangels, not an entirely different entity. She was a female with hair like mocha, flesh like fresh cream, and deep brown eyes that promised of a better afterlife.

Murdered Souls were hers to decide. She would not allow Cypher to steal from her again. She had heard rumours about him, that he was unnaturally handsome; she had been warned by other angels to stay away, he was--manipulative. Angel gritted her perfectly white teeth, took in a deep breath of natural breeze and stepped forward, invisible.

"He's mine Cypher. All murdered souls are mine. It's considered a form of self sacrifice. Get out of here, go back to your heat infested sulphur tainted hole, and leave me to my job!" She couldn't see him, yet she could see the billowing cloud of smoke from behind the tree. She stood her ground and she would not relent.

Cypher saw her long before she made herself visible, he growled in his throat at the vision that walked out of the air. Her long hair flowed over her shoulders; a sexy white corset top enhanced her fleshy mounds, almost spilling over. Her lower body was complimented by a silk skirt, hugging her pert arse. He walked around her sniffing the fresh smell of fragrant flowers and innocence. She was so ripe, and Louis was beginning to become attracted to her, she was beautiful, even her softly spoken voice was alluring. He rubbed his crotch, making his ridged cock hard beneath his black suit as he made himself visible.

“I believe he belongs to me, I have the contract.” He looked her up and down, undoing his trouser zip, extracting a scroll of ancient parchment, flicking the ancient ribbon, unrolling it. He held it aloft as he stood in front of her, pink flesh visible. His skin, pink, slippery and wet peeped out.

“If you wish to make a deal and exchange fluids, I’ll let you take him.” His cock popped out and stood hard and rigid, the head bulbous and swollen, tipped with clear pre-cum. His huge sacs hung over the cloth of his trousers.

She arched a brow at the thick rod that protruded from his pants. She was--curious, she was forbidden from experiencing any form of arousal. She couldn't see it, touch it, witness live acts, nor was she able to see the appendages which men had between their legs. She felt herself get warm, she never got warm. She lowered her eyes at him and straightened her back as she gripped the nearly scalding hot parchment and she scanned over the finely outlined contract on the Soul that was about to be set free.

She snapped her fingers and the wind kicked up around the humans behind them. And then the world went still, she lifted both brows and the right side of her lip quirked up. Angel had never felt the emotion that humans called 'smug', however she felt it now.

"You can't make up contracts on Souls Mr. Cypher. Just because you want it, doesn't mean you own it." She handed the parchment back and lifted her chin. "I can stand here all day with time locked, I have nothing else to do, however you obviously need to do something with that." She pointed a lithe digit at the thick phallus that pointed oddly in her direction. Her eyes kept lingering on it before she dragged her gaze up to his, as told, unnaturally handsome face.

“I can do exactly what I wish Miss Prim and Proper.” He lovingly admired her, the pretty brown eyes that lit up the forest, her bountiful breasts. Did she not know what they did to him? Obviously not as the four ridges formed on his shaft, rising, moulded, hard as rock, hard as granite, created to pleasure and mate with pretty little innocent Angels. The hardest ridge of all had a single purpose, rising below the helmet, keeping it hard and swollen and a deep purple, making it strain as he grinned.

“You’ve never had a cock have you, never had that tight little cunt stretched to its limit. My offer stands, I can break your little rule, I can take away your restrictions and give you the ultimate pleasure. Think it over Miss La Mar.” He walked up to her and let his hand move through the air, a caress of her cheek without touching her. Louis moved his other hand near her crotch, letting a warm touch flow across her pubic bone. “I can show you great delights and I will take it as an honourable agreement. In return for your company and your time, I will help you fill your quota.”

She sucked in a deep breath and the air around them got warm, heating slowly. His touch was wicked; his sulphur scent was mingled with something akin to a thunderstorm. Her eye lids fluttered and nearly shut. He wasn't touching her, but he was close, so very close. This man was like a shadow tainting her Soul. Angel had never been touched, not even on a whisper like now. It was forbidden to touch the Angel of Death and Mr. Cypher was breaking the rules in a big way right now. She has to be pure to judge another Soul properly.

She took a step back and shook her head.

"They will know, I'm not to be touched, ever." Her voice was breathless, the wind stirring to react to his touch. Her own caresses glazed over him, it wasn't physical, it was the air that teased his cheek, the exposed flesh of his chest, and the rigid length of his cock.

She knew what it was, however she had no clue what that moisture was tingling between her legs. It seemed to coat her delicate folds, and tease her inner thighs.

"You- you aren't allowed to touch- I'm not allowed." Her voice shook giving away far too much.

“There are no rules in my house.” He said. “Right now you seep. I can smell the divine juices that trickle from your delightful place, that secret coven between your thighs. Look at my huge phallus. It is like it is because of you. It is hard and rigid because your body is its altar, it wants to worship you.” He moved once more, his cock bouncing, staying hard, rising upwards a little as he went behind her, holding out his hand unseen by her, he cupped his palm and wiggled his middle finger. It was a tease once more. Whatever he did she felt it. Louis kept the movement going, watching her response, her body reacting as he stroked his cock. Angel looked and watched him as he stroked his hand up and down the huge protrusion; it seemed to flick in the air, creating a severe trauma of heat inside her body.

“Come let me give you desire, lust and sex. You will never tire of it, you will once tasted, crave it for all eternity, am I so unappealing my sweet Angel of Death?” He flicked his middle finger quickly, teasing her via the atmosphere, taking her body to another plane.

He wasn't unappealing that was the problem; they would know the instant they saw her that she had been compromised, tainted. She swallowed hard, his touch was all over her, and it seemed to move inside her as his hands moved over his own aching sexual rod. She licked her lips, she could feel her knees start to buckle and she tried to step back but she was caught by him. She had allowed him to snare her in his wicked game. She should have known she wasn't powerful enough to confront this malicious Devil. He was the Devil, the one and only master of all that is wicked.

She shook her head.

"They will know, and you will discard me. You have ruined more powerful Angels than I, they are de-winged and thrown to Earth as if they are nothing and you ignore their calls for help!" Her voice was sultry and nearly begged for more in the tone.

"You- cannot- have- me!" She nearly went to her knees but the tree that rested to her right caught her fall as her palm caressed the rough surface, she rested her forehead against the thick trunk and tried to get control of her body but he only became more forceful. "Is this how you get all your conquests, through mind manipulation?"

She was scared and apparently aroused as she felt her thighs coated in her thick, warm, sticky juices.

“You are--wicked." She whispered the last word as her eyes turned to him, her eyes filled with a mixture of fear and sexual promise.

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Living with The Jones's - Episode 2 Cars and Stars

Content Advisory: the below may contain graphic material of a sexual nature, adult situations, sexual reference, explicit sexual description, and depiction of alternative lifestyles.

Marie knew he loved every second of it. She had opened the packet earlier that morning and a shot of excitement had rippled through her sex, nipple teasers. Christmas in July, what fun. It was the last day of school too and Lucy was excited, her first holiday in Europe. They had only been together for a couple of months and to say they were happy was an understatement. She reached for a bottle of sun tan lotion and grazed her chest across Neil’s arm. A hot spasm ran through her chest, her breasts bounced in her vest top. He insisted she wore no bra and her 38DD’s were shivering against the cotton. She felt his hand on her arse cheek, a gentle squeeze followed and she grinned.

He was so in love, 3 years of internet connection had led them here. They were cherishing everything. The sex was brilliant, she was worth the wait and he had a great daughter in Lucy. Life didn’t get much better than this. She’d told him a while back she wanted him to dominate her and the playroom was well on the way to completion. The nipple rings were a present, he gave them to her and asked her to put them on.

Marie almost came when he put them on and said ‘let’s go shopping, keep them on’. Her body tingled as she felt her nipples harden and stay hard. They were beautiful too, a delicate
pattern circled the inner edges. She looked at him.

“Factor 30?”

“Yes, the stronger the better, better get two bottles love.” He reached for another, making sure his hand rubbed her breasts, his fingers teasing the nipples.

“I never thought you’d be this good?” She said.

“You bring it out in me Marie.” He leaned to her ear and whispered. “Is your pussy wet?”

“It’s bloody seeping, my shorts are wet, I hope you are going to take care of me when we get home?”

“Oh I intend to take care of you when we get back to the car.” She kissed his cheek as they rounded the next aisle which was empty.

Neil got closer and cupped her breast, squeezing the huge meaty flesh. He struggled to hold it all as he felt the metal around her hard nub.

“Oh fuck, stop, there’s a camera up there.” He let go and spanked her arse. They carried on shopping. Neil took charge of the trolley as they took their time, following the list.

Her nipples were on fire, they ached for his touch, his tongue. Once they entered the bread aisle Neil pulled a loaf down. The camera was three aisles down and no one was around. He pulled her to him and lifted up her top. He smiled big as her breasts came into view. He clamped his lips around her left nipple. It was huge and swollen. She grabbed his head and arched back as his tongue wrapped around her, she tried to stifle her moans as he flicked the tip with his tongue.

“I need you inside me baby!” He flicked on until he saw a shape appear and quickly pulled her top down.

“Soon, very soon.”

Marie had to squeeze her thighs together as the juice begged to dribble down them. Her nipples were huge and extended, people were looking, she could feel their eyes on her. It was a relief to put the shopping on the conveyer belt, her arms covering her pokies.

“Chapel hat pegs.” Neil said.


“That’s what we call them.”

“Call what?”

“These.” He pinched her nipple. “Big enough to hang your coat on.”

“God!” She was ready to burst. “Are you seriously going to take care of me in the car?”

Neil nodded. “I think we should bring spare shorts next time.” A wet patch was spreading up her thigh, drenched in her seeping juices. Marie carried a shopping bag in front of her on the way to the car. Neil lifted the boot and lifted the shopping in. He’d parked away from the main crowds and looked at her.

“I’d love to pull your shorts down right here and put you over the bumper and fuck you good and hard.” Marie gulped and seeped some more.

“You want me to get on my knees first and suck it for you?” He smiled.

“You’d love that wouldn’t you?” She nodded. “Get in and unfasten your shorts.” She didn’t need any more coaxing as she opened the door while he returned the trolley. She licked her lips, seeing his cock bulging in his jeans. He got in and looked down at her, her thick mingy mane on show. He turned and lifted her top up once more, planting his lips around her right nipple. He sucked hard on her as he let his hand slip inside her shorts.

“Oh God yes, do it baby!” He eased two fingers down her slit, pushed her folds wide and slipped them in her tight cunt. God she was tight, even her wetness made his progress slow as he spread her open. She sat back, his lips made her nipple fit to burst, the leathery nub wanted to split with the strain. His fingers pushed deeper as she squeezed her thighs, making it difficult for him. “Harder, faster, I want to cum.” He pulled up and looked down at her sweet pussy, his fingers quivered inside her.

“Holy shit Neil, fuck me, fuck me with your fingers.”

“Rub your clit!” She reached down and pulled back the hood, letting her fingertip skim the pink button.

“Oh fucking hell!” His fingers were a blur; his wrist ached as he fucked her, her mouth wide, her eyes looking in his. “Harder!” He got rougher, her juices ran, his palm slapped and echoed against her flesh. Her juices squirted all over the centre console, splashing it. “FUCK!”

“Naughty kitten, look at my car. I might make you clean it in the nude or better still punish you in the playroom.”

“Oh please do, I’m yours!”

“And I’m yours.” He slipped his pussy sodden fingers in his mouth and tasted her. “O.k, put everything back, let’s go try out the new equipment. A wry smirk came over her pretty lips as they drove home. 

©Bonnie Bliss 2011. All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, locations, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination, or have been used fictionally. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, locales, or events is entirely coincidental. No portion of this work may be transmitted or reproduced in any form, or by any means, without permission in writing from the author.

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Living with The Jones's - Episode 1 The Plumber

Content Advisory: the below may contain graphic material of a sexual nature, adult situations, sexual reference, explicit sexual 
description, and depiction of alternative lifestyles.

It was his last job of the day and he pulled up infront of the house. He sighed, hoping to God it wasn’t another old girl, ready to moan at him for keeping her waiting all day. He got his tool bag and walked through the gate and knocked on the door.

He heard the movement inside, the key turning in the lock and the door opened. She, the woman of the house was gorgeous. Her dark locks hung down to her shoulders, leading his eye line to her breasts, held firmly in a black top. He gulped as he lowered his eyes, following the shorts, full thighs extending down to bare feet.

Marie looked at him; he was good looking, medium height, dressed in his motif shirt, a pair of tight jeans. She smiled, her body liked him, she started to respond, her nipples hardened, her pussy moist.

“Come in; hope it’s not a big job.” She stepped aside, admiring him as he walked past. “Straight up the hallway to the end, the washing machines all ready, my husband pulled it forward last night.”

“Ah ok.” He walked down the hall and into the kitchen. He put his bag on the floor and opened it.

“So, I guess they break down all the time?” She followed him in and stood with her back to the counter by the window.

“Yes, like clockwork, it will probably be the bushes, they wear down and the drum stops rotating properly.”

“Is it a big job?”

“No, maybe 20 minutes top.” He smiled at her, she was pretty hot, his cock was straining as he tried to concentrate. Her tits were big, prominent, making the top stick out. He could just make out the bra straps under the top. He didn’t envy that bra. Her shorts were beige colour and were short; her thighs were creamy and firm. Any higher and he could imagine her hanging out of one of the legs, her private sensual place on show. It made his mouth dry just thinking about it.

He turned off the isolator taps and unscrewed the back. Marie watched him, licking her lips. She was getting warm and wet. She touched her thigh, letting her fingers ride up the left leg of her shorts, keeping an eye on him, making sure he wasn’t looking. She never wore panties and she slipped her finger up her crease, sliding the tip up her wet folds, stifling a moan as she slipped her finger inside.

“Fuck!” He had turned around and she had obviously got carried away. “Do you need that servicing love?” He moved from the machine and unzipped his jeans, walking to her, pulling out his cock, the soft tissue now swelling with blood, hard and wet at the tip.

“No, I was...I..can’t” She saw his cock and instantly dripped, pulling out her finger. He grabbed her arm and turned her, bending her over the counter.

“If you don’t want it love, keep it covered.” He pressed his groin into her arse, pressing his shaft against her. He reached in front of her, unclasping the button and then pulled down the zip. He yanked her shorts down. “Fuck, no panties, kinky. You’ve got a nice arse love.” He held her firm and slid down her, parting her buttocks, exposing her cunt. He pushed his mouth into the beautiful gap and started to lick her, tasting her, sliding his tongue up her wet folds. He spat on her, then he tongued her anus before standing up.

Marie looked out of the window, her pussy on fire as she felt him tease her, rubbing that big fat cock up her pussy. “Oh fuck! Do it! I want it, put it in me!” He didn’t need telling twice as he pushed it in deep. It slid in, her juices made it easier but she was so tight as her swollen walls gripped him.

“Oh fuck love, god you are amazing.” He pushed his hands up the front of her top, taking it with him as he pushed her bra up, her tits exposed and free. He could hardly hold them they were that big. Her nipples were hard and pressed into his palm.

She moaned as her pussy accepted his firm cock, steel covered velvet, the veins pushing her wide. She bucked against him as he fucked her hard. “Harder!” He did as she asked, getting harder, faster and rougher. Marie was burning up as her body struggled; she was close and moaned out loud. She wanted it, loved it and she shouted. “I’m gonna cum, fuck me!”

He strained, his body ached, pounding her with determination as he twitched, feeling his cock burn. The seed rushed and he erupted, shooting his fiery load in her tight cunt. “Fuck!”

“Oh my god!” She came with him, her orgasm intense as she felt his cum run down her thighs. Her juices spilled and she arched back into his body, moaning loudly. He carried on, pumping his last into her before pulling out and spanking that firm ass. She turned and looked at him. “Do I get my machine mended for free now then?” She smirked, dipping her finger in her cunt then tasting it.

“No Kitten, you can help me push it back and then for fucking the plumber you will be punished.”

“I’ve been naughty Sir!”

“Yes you have, I think your ass needs to be severely fucked. Go up to the playroom and strip, put on the wrist and ankle restraints and a waist band. I’ll be up in five minutes.” Marie grinned at her husband and pulled off her top and bra and giggled as she walked out of the kitchen door.

“I’m all yours Sir!”

“I know kitten.” He pushed the machine back and grinned before following her up to the attic.

©Bonnie Bliss. All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, locations, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination, or have been used fictionally. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, locales, or events is entirely coincidental. No portion of this work may be transmitted or reproduced in any form, or by any means, without permission in writing from the author.

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Follow me Friday {1}

Follow Friday! Follow Friday is a weekly meme hosted by Parajunkee. It's a great way to meet new blogger friends!

This weeks featured blog is http://erika-letstalkaboutbooks.blogspot.com/

Q. ACK! Your favorite book/movie character (example Hermione Granger played by the Emma chick) just walked into the room! Who is it and what would be your first reaction? You get extra points if you include visual stimulation.

My pick would have to be Lestat from the Vampire Chronicles. And not Stuart Townshed, Lestat. I laughed when he was cast as my blond haired, blue eyed brat prince. Hello, Stuart was brunette with brown eyes, they didn't even try to use contacts! Lestat simple embodied the ultimate vampire villain, and Tom Cruise played him perfectly. I used to wonder if he came out of my book what would I do? And each time I came up with the same answer! I would totally be a vampire! And I would loyally follow Lestat around like willing little lap dog!

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The Siren's Breath #wankwednesday #captain

Welcome to week 19 of  Wank Wednesday, your weekly festival of smut, find out all about it here. To join in write a story using this week’s prompt #captain and then use the link widget to add it to the list. To find other post for this weeks #wankwednedsay visit Here

The Siren's Breath

William Fozzard stopped dead. He listened carefully; he knew he’d heard something strange. The weather was dull, the mist rolled in through the harbour and a light drizzle matted his long dark locks to his head. What noise other than the sea could be calling him, this humble man, a Captain of the waves?

He had gotten up early to tend to the nets. He was paying his way after his ship had run aground in the storm. He stood looking over his ship; the damage was light but it would be days before he could set sail once more. The November cold bit into him, making him shiver through his thick coat.

‘William’. There, he heard it again, like a whisper in the night. He turned to the sounds origin, the beach by the harbour wall. The sea was like a friend to him but on this cold morn he felt afraid as he squinted through the mist. He grabbed his knife and the net hook then reluctantly stepped onto the wet sand.

‘William’. This time his name seemed to linger on the wind, carried to him by some strange magic. It was a woman’s voice, soft, friendly but decidedly eerie. He walked further, descending to the sea. He swallowed hard as he came to the shore and the waves lapped over a form. It was still for a moment as he tried to focus. He saw it but didn’t believe it, a tail, as big as a dolphin’s, it flapped high behind the creature. He stopped and heard his name once more and then.... it talked to him.

Serena lingered in the calm pull of the sea. Her voice lifted from the slightly rolling waves as she watched him. The Captain had been an object her affection for quite some time. She had followed him on all his recent tours. Her sisters had called her a fool, but she felt anything but foolish. The sea travels had been kind to the handsome Captain, and she wanted him all to herself. 

Only her eyes peaked out as she watched him look over his ship, his ship that she helped destroy just so she could trap him in this very spot. Serena lifted her voice higher as she felt the scales that dusted her legs evaporate into her body. The agile tail flicked back and two feet replaced her sea tail. Her feet moved to keep her afloat till her tiny toes touched the sandy bottom of the shore.

She walked slowly. The song dying on the cool wind, but the lingering effect still tainted the breeze like a fading echo. She stood just feet from him as he looked around for her.

"Hello, Captain William."

Her voice was like a melody that left him love drunk. She lifted her arms. Long dark hair covered her body like a thick net just shielding the eyes from her pebble hard nipples. A small tuft of minge covered the apex of her thighs. Eyes like the sea after a storm looked upon him with curiosity and lust. She was dainty, small, and looked breakable.

"Come to me, Captain."

He couldn’t believe his eyes, he stuttered as his lips failed to move. He shook his head. He saw beauty defined. She was unbelievable, yet a moment ago he could have sworn he saw her with a tail. She was a head shorter than him and her nakedness made him aroused. He felt strange as if she had some control over him. The mist closed around them as if to hide them from straying eyes.

“Who are you? How do you know my name? Why are you naked on this cold November morn?” The questions were stumbled from his mouth, he was struck by her, his mind numb and his body though was warming to her. He wanted this beautiful creature.

Serena stepped up to him till two dainty digits pressed against his warm lips. Her own body was warm and inviting as she pressed closely against him. Her grey eyes looked up at him and seemed to twinkle. She felt moisture slip between her slit and coat her swollen lips. The smile that filled her pout was wanton and suggestive as she pressed her thighs tightly together. 

Her eyelids fluttered as she took in a deep breath. Her long black lashes made wispy shadows over her cheeks. Taking a step closer she felt her pearly nipples caress the clothes covering him and she whimpered. A wave of lust hit her and she grabbed one of his hands and laid it over one of her breasts. The other she trailed down her body between them and allowed his fingers to tease the coarse curls between her legs. Her sticky wetness tangled in the minge.

"Fuck me, Captain." Her whispered song tickled his senses.

“No, who are you, this isn’t real?” He struggled to keep his sanity as this woman; this siren called him and touched his soul. It was if she pulled at him, as if she was drawing him away from all he loved and knew. She was taking him, making him hers and he wanted to remain free. He cupped her breast, the hard nipple dug into his palm. He pressed his fingers into her. He breathed deeply as he touched her soft pubic hair, wet from the sea and moist from her own juices. He couldn’t fight her anymore. He spanked her swollen clit with his finger tips. Her words, those harsh words floated in his head.

‘Fuck me’ He took her hand and lifted her. He carried her across his chest and carried her to the wall, placing her on her back in the sand. He unfastened the buttons on his breeches and pulled out his hardening cock. He looked at her, his control gone; he got down, spreading her thighs as he dipped his body between them. He eased his phallus inside her and kissed her breasts, sucking on each nipple in turn as his thrusts became hard and strong. He ripped off his coat and pulled apart his shirt. He wanted to feel her flesh against his own. He fucked her harder. He penetrated this wondrous creature to the depths like only he knew how.

Serena cried out as William's huge mass parted her tight core. Her pussy muscles flexed and wrapped around his throbbing cock as it pounded inside her. She could feel the sting of her virgin womanhood break free and her hips jerked up to mould against his groin. The musical sounds that escaped her were otherworldly as she took him deep. Sharp nails clawed down his back and broke the skin. The sticky heat of his blood seeped under her nails and she wrapped her legs around his waist. 

She was so wet inside. Her cunt coated his dick and it made the in and out motion of his slide easier, more sensual. One of her hands trailed up his back, stabbing into his hair and she pulled him down, their lips meeting in a breathtaking kiss.

Her dainty hips met his, thrust for thrust. She could feel him hit her cervix. She screamed as she broke their kiss, her hips circling and pumping his phallus. Her legs started to shake; her nipples abraded the skin on his chest, her head thrashed back and forth in the sand as she felt her body get hot. The need rose inside her and her pussy clamped down on his thrusting meat and she came. The sound of their wet flesh slapping together mixed with her squeals of lust to make an erotic crescendo.

He felt her juices as he pumped her, giving her what she wanted. His body was one with hers, his cock spasmed, the nerves were on fire sending hot threads of desire to the tip, making it swell. His sacs were full and he felt the glorious rush of his seed. He came, shooting his load inside her tight grip, coating her swollen walls. He moaned and almost collapsed on her, only his strong arms kept him above her.

“God help me!” He pounded on until he was spent, lowering his head to kiss her lips. His breath was shallow as he felt his lungs struggle. It was her taking away his breath. He looked in her eyes and he was mesmerised. He collapsed and fell by her side in the sand.

His essence was strong and powerful. Her tongue flicked from between her swollen pout and she ran her tongue over her bottom lip as she savored the taste of him. Serena rolled languidly onto her side and smiled as she ran a single finger down his cheek. He had lost some color, but his breathing was smooth and easy. She could feel his breath inside her and she felt the first stirrings of life being created in her womb. She had needed a child; her sisters told her it was time for her. It was her cycle to breed and find a man, a human man, worthy of her lust.

 Her eyes traveled down his body and his phallus was slowly going limp. It still dripped that sweet spunk that would give her womb life. She reached down and a single finger gathered some as she brought it to her lips. She hummed in approval before she got up slowly. It was a pity she couldn’t bring him with her. As she got to the water line she tossed a glance over her shoulder, smiled wistfully and delicately brushed over her currently flat abdomen. Serena turned back to the shore and leapt into the sea. 

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The Prize {Erotic Short} 18+ Readers Only

“Choose your window please Ladies and Gentlemen and take your seat, the curtains will be drawn back once everyone is ready.” The conference had gone well and Kirsty Keller the organizer took her seat at the front of window number 6. Over the last two hours she had taken orders for sexual enhancement pills, sex toys, porn DVD’s and manuals on how to have a better sex life. She was very pleased with herself and truly expected a promotion for this. She looked around and made sure everyone was seated. She tapped her assistant on the shoulder.

“Let them see Gerry.” He nodded and pressed his remote, the curtains slid back and each of the six rooms were exposed to her paying guests. They had access to these rooms for the next 12 days. There were a few gasps and a few moans of delight as they saw the couples inside. Some were already naked and making love, others were getting ready for foreplay. Each room had a full window, in the room itself it was a full length mirror, covering the main bedroom wall. A man leant forward and tapped Kirsty on the shoulder.

“Excuse me?”

“Yes Sir?” She half knew what his question would be.

“These couples, how do they feel about being on show, performing full blown sex for this conference?” He watched as he saw a pretty young woman walk along the length of the mirror, she was dressed in matching bra and pants, suspenders and stockings. Her man, her partner was naked on the bed; he pulled out his cock and started to stroke it.

“They are totally unaware Sir. All these couples entered a worldwide competition to win the perfect wedding. It was worth $50,000. They get the wedding, the dress, the bridal suite here and a two week stay. Each couple won and none are aware of the others winning status.”

“They are having sex and they don’t know you’re filming it, are you serious?”

“Oh yes Sir, we have been doing this for ten years nearly, we recoup our money within one or two days of the 14 day conference. The winning couples are from many countries, we make sure that the products we sell from their performance don’t go for sale in their own country and we are very thorough.”

“When is your next conference?” Kirsty was a little unsettled by his reaction, the clients were supposed to be made aware by their companies.

“In six weeks, the 15th of August.”

“Put me down for it, this is amazing.” She breathed easy again and took his details.

Sarah Clarke shifted in front of the huge full length walled mirror. She turned to the side to take in her slim yet curvy figure. She was thick, but she did a little exercise to keep her body curved and soft. Her breasts were full and nearly spilled out of the top of her lacy bra cups. Her tiny panties were like strips of lace that covered her closely shaved mound but as she looked to the side she saw the full curve of her shapely ass. The thong caressed her tight puckered opening and she brushed her fingers over her body. The reflection of Kevin with his cock already out, stroking that fat shaft she couldn’t help but smirk. She looked full on in the mirror again.

She could feel her pussy cream into the tight fitting panties; she hooked her thumbs in and pressed them down over the flare of her hips. She allowed them to fall silently to the floor. Sarah turned her back to the mirror. Reaching for the bra hooks she flicked them open. The heavy weight of her breasts falling from the cups felt erotic as the bra slipped down her arms and hit the floor with a hush. Her fingers slipped up the back of her neck and up through her hair as she lifted the dark brown locks to make a mound of hair on top of her head. With liquid movements she swayed her hips from side to side and turned to face the mirror full on. She had a cheeky grin on her lips and a wicked glint in her eyes.

Kevin stood up and walked to her, his hard erection swayed with each step. He took her by the waist and pushed her against the mirror. He leaned in, kissing her soft warm silky neck and moved his lips up to her ear. He grabbed his erection and slid it between her pert buttocks, rubbing the tip up the folds of her seeping pussy. He nibbled her ear lobe and whispered softly.

‘Let’s give them a good show baby and then we give them our little surprise.” Sarah smirked into the mirror as he slid that thick mushroom head into her pussy, sliding his shaft all the way in. She reached back, pulling him to her, her lips kissing his.

“Yes baby, but remember this is our wedding night so fuck me hard, fuck me so I remember this night!” Kevin held her tightly on her hips and gave her the pounding of her life.

Her breasts were pressed hard against the mirror. She knew that they could see, and she didn’t mind. The idea only made her even hotter as her hard nipples were rubbed raw as his fat shaft parted her swollen wet folds. He stretched her and it felt so good, the pull of the pink flesh as he filled her up. His back thrust was like a tease to her dripping core as she clawed at the mirror. Sarah’s juices coated him, spilled from her plump cunt as he moved in and out of her. He felt like velvet and steel. God, he felt good.

“Harder, fuck me harder!”

Kevin pounded her firm ass, his cock driving in that tight sheath; her swollen wet walls gripped him like a vice. He moaned and cupped her breast, pressing his fingers hard in her flesh. Her nipple was a hard leathery nub as he pulled and tugged on it. They fucked hard, her tits pressed against the mirror and the crowds on the other side were aroused and uncomfortable as they watched them. Kevin bit her neck as he felt his cock twitch. He felt the pain as his sacs made the sweet loud slapping noise against her ass. Hot spasms ran the length of his shaft as he felt the build up of seed. He was ready.

“Sarah, get on your knees, I want to cum in your mouth.” He pulled out of her and wanked his rigid cock.

Sarah couldn’t help but smirk. She also couldn’t stop the whimper that tore from between her swollen pout as he pulled out. Her pussy felt hollow and pulsed. It contracted wildly trying to feel the inner muscles surrounding his swollen rod inside her. Her legs felt like jell-o and she fell to her knees as she spun around. Her fingers gripped into his thighs to hold herself up, her mouth opened wide and her tongue flicked out and teased the tip of his prick. She could see his slit expand, ready to shoot that thick spunk into her gaping maw.

He grinned as he watched that open orifice, he loved them all. He stroked his cock and leaned forward, putting his thick crown on her tongue. He was moving it like a piston and felt the surge of his hot seed pounce like a creamy tiger. He watched as he pumped his jizz into her mouth in thin streams at first then as a thicker pulsing cream onto her tongue.

“Swallow it for your daddy.”

Her throat contracted as she kept her mouth open for him, making him watch her swallow every last drop he had to give her. His hand milked his cock as she rose up on her knees and without thought wrapped her mouth around the bulbous purple head and sucked hard. She drew more cream from his member and moaned, her eyes watering. Sarah looked up at him and smiled even as a drizzle of his cum slipped from the corner of her mouth and trailed down her chin. With the flick of her tongue, she slipped him from her mouth and caught the spunk with her finger and sucked it off.

Sarah didn’t look over her shoulder. She rose slowly to her feet and winked up at Kevin. Her movements were liquid and authoritative as she walked over to the bed side table and opened the drawer. She reached in and grabbed something out. She turned, naked, in all her glory and headed towards the large mirror. She lifted her hand in one swift moment and slammed her palm against the mirror. Her FBI badge and ID showed through the clever mirror just as the door to the conference room slammed open and fully geared up FBI agents burst through with rifles aimed and pointed. Sarah winked, her gaze locked on the female leader of the conference, a cheeky smirk on her well loved lips.

Kirsty Keller looked down to her left and muttered to herself as she was dragged to her feet and handcuffed. The man who had tapped her earlier on the shoulder rose to his feet and smiled.

“I hope you like BDSM Miss Keller?” He turned to the nearest agent. “Book her!” 

Copyright Bonnie Bliss June 29, 2011