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New Release, New Author Bonnie Bliss (Paranormal Erotica)

The Son of God, Satan, The Dark Lord, the King of Hell, or in his mortal form… Louis Cypher, is the one that takes what he wants and leaves dust and chaos in his path. For Millions of years he has carried an obsession, a woman, Tai la Mar, or as she is better known, The Angel of Death. He will have her any way that he can, even if it is one of his ultimate deceptions in order to attain this innocent Angel.

Tai le Mar was created by the Supreme himself to taunt his most rebellious son. She is the most beautiful and tempting delight to any being that crosses her path, she roams the Earth to save damned and murdered Souls. Her job has put her in a direct path with Louis Cypher many of times in her thousands of years of existence. She has been warned about him and she has seen powerful Angels fall at his dark seduction and wicked handsomeness. He has longed for her too long and now she is now in his sights. She knows he wants her, and she is unyielding to his passions. Refusing to be another Angelic victim she will fight the Dark King until a tempting deal is struck. She will face a sexual release in return for her freedom.

But nothing is as it seems with the deceptive Louis Cypher, Lord of all Darkness. Come and enjoy a dark and twisted Paranormal Erotic tale that is so hot, it is sure to heat up even the fires of Hell.


Chapter One

The two men walked through the woods, Kelvin staggered as Hendricks pushed him, using his 45 to nudge him in the back.

“I don’t deserve this Hendricks. I was just following orders, I always follow orders.”

“You talk too much Kelvin, shut yer mouth. I’m following orders too, he wants you gone, that’s why we are here, in this shit hole, just keep walking.”

“I’ll disappear. I’ll just walk away, you can tell him you snuffed me, left me for the fucking gators, please, I can pay you.”

“Shut the fuck up.” Hendricks needed a few hundred yards more. The swamp was close by; he needed the gators to finish the job, to decimate the remains. But right now he was seriously thinking about shooting the jabbering piss head right here.

“No, I won’t, please, let me.....” Hendricks hit him on the back of the head with his gun, knocking him to the floor. He fell, his knees crumbling as his face hit the dirt. The gun moved closer, the barrel pressed into the growing bulge in the skull.

He stood a few feet away, a smirk on his face, and a half smoked cigarette in his hand. “Just shoot the fucker already, his times up. I have five minutes left you ass hole before he gets a reprieve, hurry up.” Louis Cypher, aka Satan, the son of God watched over them as the scent of blood and death filled his nostrils, the sweet scent of a new recruit in his Hell, it aroused him.

She was light; she felt the air run through her, flow in and out of her body as she walked around the scene. He would be hers, he would be her choice. She could smell the deep scent of sulphur that thrived in the pits of Hell and it nearly strangled her perfect throat. She was Tai la Mar, the Angel of Death. She had one purpose; she was created for one thing, to lead the Souls to their rightful place. There were times, and she wouldn't deny it, there were a few when Mr. Cypher got to them first. She wasn't a fighter; she was built too soft for fighting.

However, on this night, she wanted her Soul. Her quota had been ruined the night of a particularly bad gun fight and Cypher had gotten to them all before she could. She tried to remain under the radar, to be unseen. The infamous Angel of Death was rumoured to be one of the Archangels, not an entirely different entity. She was a female with hair like mocha, flesh like fresh cream, and deep brown eyes that promised of a better afterlife.

Murdered Souls were hers to decide. She would not allow Cypher to steal from her again. She had heard rumours about him, that he was unnaturally handsome; she had been warned by other angels to stay away, he was--manipulative. Angel gritted her perfectly white teeth, took in a deep breath of natural breeze and stepped forward, invisible.

"He's mine Cypher. All murdered souls are mine. It's considered a form of self sacrifice. Get out of here, go back to your heat infested sulphur tainted hole, and leave me to my job!" She couldn't see him, yet she could see the billowing cloud of smoke from behind the tree. She stood her ground and she would not relent.

Cypher saw her long before she made herself visible, he growled in his throat at the vision that walked out of the air. Her long hair flowed over her shoulders; a sexy white corset top enhanced her fleshy mounds, almost spilling over. Her lower body was complimented by a silk skirt, hugging her pert arse. He walked around her sniffing the fresh smell of fragrant flowers and innocence. She was so ripe, and Louis was beginning to become attracted to her, she was beautiful, even her softly spoken voice was alluring. He rubbed his crotch, making his ridged cock hard beneath his black suit as he made himself visible.

“I believe he belongs to me, I have the contract.” He looked her up and down, undoing his trouser zip, extracting a scroll of ancient parchment, flicking the ancient ribbon, unrolling it. He held it aloft as he stood in front of her, pink flesh visible. His skin, pink, slippery and wet peeped out.

“If you wish to make a deal and exchange fluids, I’ll let you take him.” His cock popped out and stood hard and rigid, the head bulbous and swollen, tipped with clear pre-cum. His huge sacs hung over the cloth of his trousers.

She arched a brow at the thick rod that protruded from his pants. She was--curious, she was forbidden from experiencing any form of arousal. She couldn't see it, touch it, witness live acts, nor was she able to see the appendages which men had between their legs. She felt herself get warm, she never got warm. She lowered her eyes at him and straightened her back as she gripped the nearly scalding hot parchment and she scanned over the finely outlined contract on the Soul that was about to be set free.

She snapped her fingers and the wind kicked up around the humans behind them. And then the world went still, she lifted both brows and the right side of her lip quirked up. Angel had never felt the emotion that humans called 'smug', however she felt it now.

"You can't make up contracts on Souls Mr. Cypher. Just because you want it, doesn't mean you own it." She handed the parchment back and lifted her chin. "I can stand here all day with time locked, I have nothing else to do, however you obviously need to do something with that." She pointed a lithe digit at the thick phallus that pointed oddly in her direction. Her eyes kept lingering on it before she dragged her gaze up to his, as told, unnaturally handsome face.

“I can do exactly what I wish Miss Prim and Proper.” He lovingly admired her, the pretty brown eyes that lit up the forest, her bountiful breasts. Did she not know what they did to him? Obviously not as the four ridges formed on his shaft, rising, moulded, hard as rock, hard as granite, created to pleasure and mate with pretty little innocent Angels. The hardest ridge of all had a single purpose, rising below the helmet, keeping it hard and swollen and a deep purple, making it strain as he grinned.

“You’ve never had a cock have you, never had that tight little cunt stretched to its limit. My offer stands, I can break your little rule, I can take away your restrictions and give you the ultimate pleasure. Think it over Miss La Mar.” He walked up to her and let his hand move through the air, a caress of her cheek without touching her. Louis moved his other hand near her crotch, letting a warm touch flow across her pubic bone. “I can show you great delights and I will take it as an honourable agreement. In return for your company and your time, I will help you fill your quota.”

She sucked in a deep breath and the air around them got warm, heating slowly. His touch was wicked; his sulphur scent was mingled with something akin to a thunderstorm. Her eye lids fluttered and nearly shut. He wasn't touching her, but he was close, so very close. This man was like a shadow tainting her Soul. Angel had never been touched, not even on a whisper like now. It was forbidden to touch the Angel of Death and Mr. Cypher was breaking the rules in a big way right now. She has to be pure to judge another Soul properly.

She took a step back and shook her head.

"They will know, I'm not to be touched, ever." Her voice was breathless, the wind stirring to react to his touch. Her own caresses glazed over him, it wasn't physical, it was the air that teased his cheek, the exposed flesh of his chest, and the rigid length of his cock.

She knew what it was, however she had no clue what that moisture was tingling between her legs. It seemed to coat her delicate folds, and tease her inner thighs.

"You- you aren't allowed to touch- I'm not allowed." Her voice shook giving away far too much.

“There are no rules in my house.” He said. “Right now you seep. I can smell the divine juices that trickle from your delightful place, that secret coven between your thighs. Look at my huge phallus. It is like it is because of you. It is hard and rigid because your body is its altar, it wants to worship you.” He moved once more, his cock bouncing, staying hard, rising upwards a little as he went behind her, holding out his hand unseen by her, he cupped his palm and wiggled his middle finger. It was a tease once more. Whatever he did she felt it. Louis kept the movement going, watching her response, her body reacting as he stroked his cock. Angel looked and watched him as he stroked his hand up and down the huge protrusion; it seemed to flick in the air, creating a severe trauma of heat inside her body.

“Come let me give you desire, lust and sex. You will never tire of it, you will once tasted, crave it for all eternity, am I so unappealing my sweet Angel of Death?” He flicked his middle finger quickly, teasing her via the atmosphere, taking her body to another plane.

He wasn't unappealing that was the problem; they would know the instant they saw her that she had been compromised, tainted. She swallowed hard, his touch was all over her, and it seemed to move inside her as his hands moved over his own aching sexual rod. She licked her lips, she could feel her knees start to buckle and she tried to step back but she was caught by him. She had allowed him to snare her in his wicked game. She should have known she wasn't powerful enough to confront this malicious Devil. He was the Devil, the one and only master of all that is wicked.

She shook her head.

"They will know, and you will discard me. You have ruined more powerful Angels than I, they are de-winged and thrown to Earth as if they are nothing and you ignore their calls for help!" Her voice was sultry and nearly begged for more in the tone.

"You- cannot- have- me!" She nearly went to her knees but the tree that rested to her right caught her fall as her palm caressed the rough surface, she rested her forehead against the thick trunk and tried to get control of her body but he only became more forceful. "Is this how you get all your conquests, through mind manipulation?"

She was scared and apparently aroused as she felt her thighs coated in her thick, warm, sticky juices.

“You are--wicked." She whispered the last word as her eyes turned to him, her eyes filled with a mixture of fear and sexual promise.

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