Thursday, 4 August 2011

Living with The Jones's - Episode 2 Cars and Stars

Content Advisory: the below may contain graphic material of a sexual nature, adult situations, sexual reference, explicit sexual description, and depiction of alternative lifestyles.

Marie knew he loved every second of it. She had opened the packet earlier that morning and a shot of excitement had rippled through her sex, nipple teasers. Christmas in July, what fun. It was the last day of school too and Lucy was excited, her first holiday in Europe. They had only been together for a couple of months and to say they were happy was an understatement. She reached for a bottle of sun tan lotion and grazed her chest across Neil’s arm. A hot spasm ran through her chest, her breasts bounced in her vest top. He insisted she wore no bra and her 38DD’s were shivering against the cotton. She felt his hand on her arse cheek, a gentle squeeze followed and she grinned.

He was so in love, 3 years of internet connection had led them here. They were cherishing everything. The sex was brilliant, she was worth the wait and he had a great daughter in Lucy. Life didn’t get much better than this. She’d told him a while back she wanted him to dominate her and the playroom was well on the way to completion. The nipple rings were a present, he gave them to her and asked her to put them on.

Marie almost came when he put them on and said ‘let’s go shopping, keep them on’. Her body tingled as she felt her nipples harden and stay hard. They were beautiful too, a delicate
pattern circled the inner edges. She looked at him.

“Factor 30?”

“Yes, the stronger the better, better get two bottles love.” He reached for another, making sure his hand rubbed her breasts, his fingers teasing the nipples.

“I never thought you’d be this good?” She said.

“You bring it out in me Marie.” He leaned to her ear and whispered. “Is your pussy wet?”

“It’s bloody seeping, my shorts are wet, I hope you are going to take care of me when we get home?”

“Oh I intend to take care of you when we get back to the car.” She kissed his cheek as they rounded the next aisle which was empty.

Neil got closer and cupped her breast, squeezing the huge meaty flesh. He struggled to hold it all as he felt the metal around her hard nub.

“Oh fuck, stop, there’s a camera up there.” He let go and spanked her arse. They carried on shopping. Neil took charge of the trolley as they took their time, following the list.

Her nipples were on fire, they ached for his touch, his tongue. Once they entered the bread aisle Neil pulled a loaf down. The camera was three aisles down and no one was around. He pulled her to him and lifted up her top. He smiled big as her breasts came into view. He clamped his lips around her left nipple. It was huge and swollen. She grabbed his head and arched back as his tongue wrapped around her, she tried to stifle her moans as he flicked the tip with his tongue.

“I need you inside me baby!” He flicked on until he saw a shape appear and quickly pulled her top down.

“Soon, very soon.”

Marie had to squeeze her thighs together as the juice begged to dribble down them. Her nipples were huge and extended, people were looking, she could feel their eyes on her. It was a relief to put the shopping on the conveyer belt, her arms covering her pokies.

“Chapel hat pegs.” Neil said.


“That’s what we call them.”

“Call what?”

“These.” He pinched her nipple. “Big enough to hang your coat on.”

“God!” She was ready to burst. “Are you seriously going to take care of me in the car?”

Neil nodded. “I think we should bring spare shorts next time.” A wet patch was spreading up her thigh, drenched in her seeping juices. Marie carried a shopping bag in front of her on the way to the car. Neil lifted the boot and lifted the shopping in. He’d parked away from the main crowds and looked at her.

“I’d love to pull your shorts down right here and put you over the bumper and fuck you good and hard.” Marie gulped and seeped some more.

“You want me to get on my knees first and suck it for you?” He smiled.

“You’d love that wouldn’t you?” She nodded. “Get in and unfasten your shorts.” She didn’t need any more coaxing as she opened the door while he returned the trolley. She licked her lips, seeing his cock bulging in his jeans. He got in and looked down at her, her thick mingy mane on show. He turned and lifted her top up once more, planting his lips around her right nipple. He sucked hard on her as he let his hand slip inside her shorts.

“Oh God yes, do it baby!” He eased two fingers down her slit, pushed her folds wide and slipped them in her tight cunt. God she was tight, even her wetness made his progress slow as he spread her open. She sat back, his lips made her nipple fit to burst, the leathery nub wanted to split with the strain. His fingers pushed deeper as she squeezed her thighs, making it difficult for him. “Harder, faster, I want to cum.” He pulled up and looked down at her sweet pussy, his fingers quivered inside her.

“Holy shit Neil, fuck me, fuck me with your fingers.”

“Rub your clit!” She reached down and pulled back the hood, letting her fingertip skim the pink button.

“Oh fucking hell!” His fingers were a blur; his wrist ached as he fucked her, her mouth wide, her eyes looking in his. “Harder!” He got rougher, her juices ran, his palm slapped and echoed against her flesh. Her juices squirted all over the centre console, splashing it. “FUCK!”

“Naughty kitten, look at my car. I might make you clean it in the nude or better still punish you in the playroom.”

“Oh please do, I’m yours!”

“And I’m yours.” He slipped his pussy sodden fingers in his mouth and tasted her. “O.k, put everything back, let’s go try out the new equipment. A wry smirk came over her pretty lips as they drove home. 

©Bonnie Bliss 2011. All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, locations, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination, or have been used fictionally. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, locales, or events is entirely coincidental. No portion of this work may be transmitted or reproduced in any form, or by any means, without permission in writing from the author.

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