Thursday, 28 July 2011

Living with The Jones's - Episode 1 The Plumber

Content Advisory: the below may contain graphic material of a sexual nature, adult situations, sexual reference, explicit sexual 
description, and depiction of alternative lifestyles.

It was his last job of the day and he pulled up infront of the house. He sighed, hoping to God it wasn’t another old girl, ready to moan at him for keeping her waiting all day. He got his tool bag and walked through the gate and knocked on the door.

He heard the movement inside, the key turning in the lock and the door opened. She, the woman of the house was gorgeous. Her dark locks hung down to her shoulders, leading his eye line to her breasts, held firmly in a black top. He gulped as he lowered his eyes, following the shorts, full thighs extending down to bare feet.

Marie looked at him; he was good looking, medium height, dressed in his motif shirt, a pair of tight jeans. She smiled, her body liked him, she started to respond, her nipples hardened, her pussy moist.

“Come in; hope it’s not a big job.” She stepped aside, admiring him as he walked past. “Straight up the hallway to the end, the washing machines all ready, my husband pulled it forward last night.”

“Ah ok.” He walked down the hall and into the kitchen. He put his bag on the floor and opened it.

“So, I guess they break down all the time?” She followed him in and stood with her back to the counter by the window.

“Yes, like clockwork, it will probably be the bushes, they wear down and the drum stops rotating properly.”

“Is it a big job?”

“No, maybe 20 minutes top.” He smiled at her, she was pretty hot, his cock was straining as he tried to concentrate. Her tits were big, prominent, making the top stick out. He could just make out the bra straps under the top. He didn’t envy that bra. Her shorts were beige colour and were short; her thighs were creamy and firm. Any higher and he could imagine her hanging out of one of the legs, her private sensual place on show. It made his mouth dry just thinking about it.

He turned off the isolator taps and unscrewed the back. Marie watched him, licking her lips. She was getting warm and wet. She touched her thigh, letting her fingers ride up the left leg of her shorts, keeping an eye on him, making sure he wasn’t looking. She never wore panties and she slipped her finger up her crease, sliding the tip up her wet folds, stifling a moan as she slipped her finger inside.

“Fuck!” He had turned around and she had obviously got carried away. “Do you need that servicing love?” He moved from the machine and unzipped his jeans, walking to her, pulling out his cock, the soft tissue now swelling with blood, hard and wet at the tip.

“No, I was...I..can’t” She saw his cock and instantly dripped, pulling out her finger. He grabbed her arm and turned her, bending her over the counter.

“If you don’t want it love, keep it covered.” He pressed his groin into her arse, pressing his shaft against her. He reached in front of her, unclasping the button and then pulled down the zip. He yanked her shorts down. “Fuck, no panties, kinky. You’ve got a nice arse love.” He held her firm and slid down her, parting her buttocks, exposing her cunt. He pushed his mouth into the beautiful gap and started to lick her, tasting her, sliding his tongue up her wet folds. He spat on her, then he tongued her anus before standing up.

Marie looked out of the window, her pussy on fire as she felt him tease her, rubbing that big fat cock up her pussy. “Oh fuck! Do it! I want it, put it in me!” He didn’t need telling twice as he pushed it in deep. It slid in, her juices made it easier but she was so tight as her swollen walls gripped him.

“Oh fuck love, god you are amazing.” He pushed his hands up the front of her top, taking it with him as he pushed her bra up, her tits exposed and free. He could hardly hold them they were that big. Her nipples were hard and pressed into his palm.

She moaned as her pussy accepted his firm cock, steel covered velvet, the veins pushing her wide. She bucked against him as he fucked her hard. “Harder!” He did as she asked, getting harder, faster and rougher. Marie was burning up as her body struggled; she was close and moaned out loud. She wanted it, loved it and she shouted. “I’m gonna cum, fuck me!”

He strained, his body ached, pounding her with determination as he twitched, feeling his cock burn. The seed rushed and he erupted, shooting his fiery load in her tight cunt. “Fuck!”

“Oh my god!” She came with him, her orgasm intense as she felt his cum run down her thighs. Her juices spilled and she arched back into his body, moaning loudly. He carried on, pumping his last into her before pulling out and spanking that firm ass. She turned and looked at him. “Do I get my machine mended for free now then?” She smirked, dipping her finger in her cunt then tasting it.

“No Kitten, you can help me push it back and then for fucking the plumber you will be punished.”

“I’ve been naughty Sir!”

“Yes you have, I think your ass needs to be severely fucked. Go up to the playroom and strip, put on the wrist and ankle restraints and a waist band. I’ll be up in five minutes.” Marie grinned at her husband and pulled off her top and bra and giggled as she walked out of the kitchen door.

“I’m all yours Sir!”

“I know kitten.” He pushed the machine back and grinned before following her up to the attic.

©Bonnie Bliss. All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, locations, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination, or have been used fictionally. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, locales, or events is entirely coincidental. No portion of this work may be transmitted or reproduced in any form, or by any means, without permission in writing from the author.

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