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The Siren's Breath #wankwednesday #captain

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The Siren's Breath

William Fozzard stopped dead. He listened carefully; he knew he’d heard something strange. The weather was dull, the mist rolled in through the harbour and a light drizzle matted his long dark locks to his head. What noise other than the sea could be calling him, this humble man, a Captain of the waves?

He had gotten up early to tend to the nets. He was paying his way after his ship had run aground in the storm. He stood looking over his ship; the damage was light but it would be days before he could set sail once more. The November cold bit into him, making him shiver through his thick coat.

‘William’. There, he heard it again, like a whisper in the night. He turned to the sounds origin, the beach by the harbour wall. The sea was like a friend to him but on this cold morn he felt afraid as he squinted through the mist. He grabbed his knife and the net hook then reluctantly stepped onto the wet sand.

‘William’. This time his name seemed to linger on the wind, carried to him by some strange magic. It was a woman’s voice, soft, friendly but decidedly eerie. He walked further, descending to the sea. He swallowed hard as he came to the shore and the waves lapped over a form. It was still for a moment as he tried to focus. He saw it but didn’t believe it, a tail, as big as a dolphin’s, it flapped high behind the creature. He stopped and heard his name once more and then.... it talked to him.

Serena lingered in the calm pull of the sea. Her voice lifted from the slightly rolling waves as she watched him. The Captain had been an object her affection for quite some time. She had followed him on all his recent tours. Her sisters had called her a fool, but she felt anything but foolish. The sea travels had been kind to the handsome Captain, and she wanted him all to herself. 

Only her eyes peaked out as she watched him look over his ship, his ship that she helped destroy just so she could trap him in this very spot. Serena lifted her voice higher as she felt the scales that dusted her legs evaporate into her body. The agile tail flicked back and two feet replaced her sea tail. Her feet moved to keep her afloat till her tiny toes touched the sandy bottom of the shore.

She walked slowly. The song dying on the cool wind, but the lingering effect still tainted the breeze like a fading echo. She stood just feet from him as he looked around for her.

"Hello, Captain William."

Her voice was like a melody that left him love drunk. She lifted her arms. Long dark hair covered her body like a thick net just shielding the eyes from her pebble hard nipples. A small tuft of minge covered the apex of her thighs. Eyes like the sea after a storm looked upon him with curiosity and lust. She was dainty, small, and looked breakable.

"Come to me, Captain."

He couldn’t believe his eyes, he stuttered as his lips failed to move. He shook his head. He saw beauty defined. She was unbelievable, yet a moment ago he could have sworn he saw her with a tail. She was a head shorter than him and her nakedness made him aroused. He felt strange as if she had some control over him. The mist closed around them as if to hide them from straying eyes.

“Who are you? How do you know my name? Why are you naked on this cold November morn?” The questions were stumbled from his mouth, he was struck by her, his mind numb and his body though was warming to her. He wanted this beautiful creature.

Serena stepped up to him till two dainty digits pressed against his warm lips. Her own body was warm and inviting as she pressed closely against him. Her grey eyes looked up at him and seemed to twinkle. She felt moisture slip between her slit and coat her swollen lips. The smile that filled her pout was wanton and suggestive as she pressed her thighs tightly together. 

Her eyelids fluttered as she took in a deep breath. Her long black lashes made wispy shadows over her cheeks. Taking a step closer she felt her pearly nipples caress the clothes covering him and she whimpered. A wave of lust hit her and she grabbed one of his hands and laid it over one of her breasts. The other she trailed down her body between them and allowed his fingers to tease the coarse curls between her legs. Her sticky wetness tangled in the minge.

"Fuck me, Captain." Her whispered song tickled his senses.

“No, who are you, this isn’t real?” He struggled to keep his sanity as this woman; this siren called him and touched his soul. It was if she pulled at him, as if she was drawing him away from all he loved and knew. She was taking him, making him hers and he wanted to remain free. He cupped her breast, the hard nipple dug into his palm. He pressed his fingers into her. He breathed deeply as he touched her soft pubic hair, wet from the sea and moist from her own juices. He couldn’t fight her anymore. He spanked her swollen clit with his finger tips. Her words, those harsh words floated in his head.

‘Fuck me’ He took her hand and lifted her. He carried her across his chest and carried her to the wall, placing her on her back in the sand. He unfastened the buttons on his breeches and pulled out his hardening cock. He looked at her, his control gone; he got down, spreading her thighs as he dipped his body between them. He eased his phallus inside her and kissed her breasts, sucking on each nipple in turn as his thrusts became hard and strong. He ripped off his coat and pulled apart his shirt. He wanted to feel her flesh against his own. He fucked her harder. He penetrated this wondrous creature to the depths like only he knew how.

Serena cried out as William's huge mass parted her tight core. Her pussy muscles flexed and wrapped around his throbbing cock as it pounded inside her. She could feel the sting of her virgin womanhood break free and her hips jerked up to mould against his groin. The musical sounds that escaped her were otherworldly as she took him deep. Sharp nails clawed down his back and broke the skin. The sticky heat of his blood seeped under her nails and she wrapped her legs around his waist. 

She was so wet inside. Her cunt coated his dick and it made the in and out motion of his slide easier, more sensual. One of her hands trailed up his back, stabbing into his hair and she pulled him down, their lips meeting in a breathtaking kiss.

Her dainty hips met his, thrust for thrust. She could feel him hit her cervix. She screamed as she broke their kiss, her hips circling and pumping his phallus. Her legs started to shake; her nipples abraded the skin on his chest, her head thrashed back and forth in the sand as she felt her body get hot. The need rose inside her and her pussy clamped down on his thrusting meat and she came. The sound of their wet flesh slapping together mixed with her squeals of lust to make an erotic crescendo.

He felt her juices as he pumped her, giving her what she wanted. His body was one with hers, his cock spasmed, the nerves were on fire sending hot threads of desire to the tip, making it swell. His sacs were full and he felt the glorious rush of his seed. He came, shooting his load inside her tight grip, coating her swollen walls. He moaned and almost collapsed on her, only his strong arms kept him above her.

“God help me!” He pounded on until he was spent, lowering his head to kiss her lips. His breath was shallow as he felt his lungs struggle. It was her taking away his breath. He looked in her eyes and he was mesmerised. He collapsed and fell by her side in the sand.

His essence was strong and powerful. Her tongue flicked from between her swollen pout and she ran her tongue over her bottom lip as she savored the taste of him. Serena rolled languidly onto her side and smiled as she ran a single finger down his cheek. He had lost some color, but his breathing was smooth and easy. She could feel his breath inside her and she felt the first stirrings of life being created in her womb. She had needed a child; her sisters told her it was time for her. It was her cycle to breed and find a man, a human man, worthy of her lust.

 Her eyes traveled down his body and his phallus was slowly going limp. It still dripped that sweet spunk that would give her womb life. She reached down and a single finger gathered some as she brought it to her lips. She hummed in approval before she got up slowly. It was a pity she couldn’t bring him with her. As she got to the water line she tossed a glance over her shoulder, smiled wistfully and delicately brushed over her currently flat abdomen. Serena turned back to the shore and leapt into the sea. 

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