Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The Prize {Erotic Short} 18+ Readers Only

“Choose your window please Ladies and Gentlemen and take your seat, the curtains will be drawn back once everyone is ready.” The conference had gone well and Kirsty Keller the organizer took her seat at the front of window number 6. Over the last two hours she had taken orders for sexual enhancement pills, sex toys, porn DVD’s and manuals on how to have a better sex life. She was very pleased with herself and truly expected a promotion for this. She looked around and made sure everyone was seated. She tapped her assistant on the shoulder.

“Let them see Gerry.” He nodded and pressed his remote, the curtains slid back and each of the six rooms were exposed to her paying guests. They had access to these rooms for the next 12 days. There were a few gasps and a few moans of delight as they saw the couples inside. Some were already naked and making love, others were getting ready for foreplay. Each room had a full window, in the room itself it was a full length mirror, covering the main bedroom wall. A man leant forward and tapped Kirsty on the shoulder.

“Excuse me?”

“Yes Sir?” She half knew what his question would be.

“These couples, how do they feel about being on show, performing full blown sex for this conference?” He watched as he saw a pretty young woman walk along the length of the mirror, she was dressed in matching bra and pants, suspenders and stockings. Her man, her partner was naked on the bed; he pulled out his cock and started to stroke it.

“They are totally unaware Sir. All these couples entered a worldwide competition to win the perfect wedding. It was worth $50,000. They get the wedding, the dress, the bridal suite here and a two week stay. Each couple won and none are aware of the others winning status.”

“They are having sex and they don’t know you’re filming it, are you serious?”

“Oh yes Sir, we have been doing this for ten years nearly, we recoup our money within one or two days of the 14 day conference. The winning couples are from many countries, we make sure that the products we sell from their performance don’t go for sale in their own country and we are very thorough.”

“When is your next conference?” Kirsty was a little unsettled by his reaction, the clients were supposed to be made aware by their companies.

“In six weeks, the 15th of August.”

“Put me down for it, this is amazing.” She breathed easy again and took his details.

Sarah Clarke shifted in front of the huge full length walled mirror. She turned to the side to take in her slim yet curvy figure. She was thick, but she did a little exercise to keep her body curved and soft. Her breasts were full and nearly spilled out of the top of her lacy bra cups. Her tiny panties were like strips of lace that covered her closely shaved mound but as she looked to the side she saw the full curve of her shapely ass. The thong caressed her tight puckered opening and she brushed her fingers over her body. The reflection of Kevin with his cock already out, stroking that fat shaft she couldn’t help but smirk. She looked full on in the mirror again.

She could feel her pussy cream into the tight fitting panties; she hooked her thumbs in and pressed them down over the flare of her hips. She allowed them to fall silently to the floor. Sarah turned her back to the mirror. Reaching for the bra hooks she flicked them open. The heavy weight of her breasts falling from the cups felt erotic as the bra slipped down her arms and hit the floor with a hush. Her fingers slipped up the back of her neck and up through her hair as she lifted the dark brown locks to make a mound of hair on top of her head. With liquid movements she swayed her hips from side to side and turned to face the mirror full on. She had a cheeky grin on her lips and a wicked glint in her eyes.

Kevin stood up and walked to her, his hard erection swayed with each step. He took her by the waist and pushed her against the mirror. He leaned in, kissing her soft warm silky neck and moved his lips up to her ear. He grabbed his erection and slid it between her pert buttocks, rubbing the tip up the folds of her seeping pussy. He nibbled her ear lobe and whispered softly.

‘Let’s give them a good show baby and then we give them our little surprise.” Sarah smirked into the mirror as he slid that thick mushroom head into her pussy, sliding his shaft all the way in. She reached back, pulling him to her, her lips kissing his.

“Yes baby, but remember this is our wedding night so fuck me hard, fuck me so I remember this night!” Kevin held her tightly on her hips and gave her the pounding of her life.

Her breasts were pressed hard against the mirror. She knew that they could see, and she didn’t mind. The idea only made her even hotter as her hard nipples were rubbed raw as his fat shaft parted her swollen wet folds. He stretched her and it felt so good, the pull of the pink flesh as he filled her up. His back thrust was like a tease to her dripping core as she clawed at the mirror. Sarah’s juices coated him, spilled from her plump cunt as he moved in and out of her. He felt like velvet and steel. God, he felt good.

“Harder, fuck me harder!”

Kevin pounded her firm ass, his cock driving in that tight sheath; her swollen wet walls gripped him like a vice. He moaned and cupped her breast, pressing his fingers hard in her flesh. Her nipple was a hard leathery nub as he pulled and tugged on it. They fucked hard, her tits pressed against the mirror and the crowds on the other side were aroused and uncomfortable as they watched them. Kevin bit her neck as he felt his cock twitch. He felt the pain as his sacs made the sweet loud slapping noise against her ass. Hot spasms ran the length of his shaft as he felt the build up of seed. He was ready.

“Sarah, get on your knees, I want to cum in your mouth.” He pulled out of her and wanked his rigid cock.

Sarah couldn’t help but smirk. She also couldn’t stop the whimper that tore from between her swollen pout as he pulled out. Her pussy felt hollow and pulsed. It contracted wildly trying to feel the inner muscles surrounding his swollen rod inside her. Her legs felt like jell-o and she fell to her knees as she spun around. Her fingers gripped into his thighs to hold herself up, her mouth opened wide and her tongue flicked out and teased the tip of his prick. She could see his slit expand, ready to shoot that thick spunk into her gaping maw.

He grinned as he watched that open orifice, he loved them all. He stroked his cock and leaned forward, putting his thick crown on her tongue. He was moving it like a piston and felt the surge of his hot seed pounce like a creamy tiger. He watched as he pumped his jizz into her mouth in thin streams at first then as a thicker pulsing cream onto her tongue.

“Swallow it for your daddy.”

Her throat contracted as she kept her mouth open for him, making him watch her swallow every last drop he had to give her. His hand milked his cock as she rose up on her knees and without thought wrapped her mouth around the bulbous purple head and sucked hard. She drew more cream from his member and moaned, her eyes watering. Sarah looked up at him and smiled even as a drizzle of his cum slipped from the corner of her mouth and trailed down her chin. With the flick of her tongue, she slipped him from her mouth and caught the spunk with her finger and sucked it off.

Sarah didn’t look over her shoulder. She rose slowly to her feet and winked up at Kevin. Her movements were liquid and authoritative as she walked over to the bed side table and opened the drawer. She reached in and grabbed something out. She turned, naked, in all her glory and headed towards the large mirror. She lifted her hand in one swift moment and slammed her palm against the mirror. Her FBI badge and ID showed through the clever mirror just as the door to the conference room slammed open and fully geared up FBI agents burst through with rifles aimed and pointed. Sarah winked, her gaze locked on the female leader of the conference, a cheeky smirk on her well loved lips.

Kirsty Keller looked down to her left and muttered to herself as she was dragged to her feet and handcuffed. The man who had tapped her earlier on the shoulder rose to his feet and smiled.

“I hope you like BDSM Miss Keller?” He turned to the nearest agent. “Book her!” 

Copyright Bonnie Bliss June 29, 2011 

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